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Instead of a camel's nose, I would use the analogy of circling the bowl. Frankly, I look forward to the day the Legacy Media goes away and their staff have to find real work.

And when the Legacy Media is gone, what will they be replaced with?

One could take a look at the right wing pseudo-newsmedia as a possible alternative. And then fall over laughing.

You could look at Fox News and their ongoing, failed struggle to maintain even the appearance of factual reporting of the news.

You could look at Espresso Pundit breaking the big story of the left wing plotting to steal the 2010 election in CD 8 with thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms.

You could even look at Skewedpolls.com. Except that it was so embarrassingly totally completely wrong that the site was taken down. But you just cannot erase the election night videos of Karl Rove's grand meltdown on Fox News when the "Legacy Media" announced that Barack Obama had won the state of Ohio. Or the shellshocked look on Mitt Romney's face when the Unskewed prediction of his 11 point victory blew to pieces on live television. Ouch. Those have got to hurt.

While the far right wing continues to rant about the mainstream news media failing because they're too liberal and too biased, the rest of us just sit back and smile. The more cozy the extreme right gets in their little bubble of alternative reality, the more likely they are to continue inflicting grievous damage the Republican party. They learned nothing from Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin. Extremist nut cakes are lining up in nearly every Republican controlled state to take on the incumbents.

A year from now, the Legacy Media will be reporting that the Democratic party actually expanded its majority in the United States Senate in a year when the GOP had what appeared to be an excellent change to win control. And extreme right wing blogosphere will continue to refuse to take ownership of their horrid failed predictions and fraudulent news stories.

If the right wing has a workable alternative to the Legacy Media, I'd love to see it.

exuban Doug--they are finding jobs. Pima County has a $800K+ Ministry of Truth staffed by several former local journalists . Quite a PR operation. Congressman Barber's spokesman is a former newspaper editor, and was preceded in the position by a former local political reporter. TUSD's spokeswoman is a former local reporter. So it's not that they can't find jobs...it's the jobs they ARE finding and the revolving door of covering people then running public PR machines. That seems to be the interesting angle in Pima County.

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