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Wouldn't that be loverly. Hopefully Barber is history as well.
Very good chance the GOP takes over the Senate, too; then we can stop the Obamanization of our country. Remember: BO told us he wanted to "fundamentally change" the United States. That's one campaign promise he's kept--sadly.

Greg, perhaps some analysis of state and national elections is in order. I think the Dems will lose three House seats (Sinema, Kirkpatrick, and Barber) this cycle due to lower voter turnout. What say you?

By election day next November, millions and millions of uninsured Americans will have health insurance thanks to President Obama. The Republican party proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with absolute nothing will fly almost as well as Chris Christie in Fort Lee New Jersey. The news media probably will NOT begin to discuss the seven to eight million American who should have been covered by Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, but were denied coverage by Republican sabotage. But don't worry. The Democrats will be there to remind everyone.

And do we even need to mention the Tea Party versus moderate GOP civil war? Will there be a single Republican incumbent in the Senate who won't face a primary challenge from the extreme right? It will be a wonderful blood stained preview of the 2016 presidential fight to the death. With a Democrat taking Mitch McConnell's seat in the Senate.

Barber, Kirkpatrick, and Synema will remain in place, as will the Affordable Care Act. The Senate will remain in Democratic hands. As will the White House in 2016. Until the GOP confronts its huge problem with demographics, they will remain marginalized. Immigration reform, anyone?

While I hope Greg is correct, 9 months is an eternity in politics. Don't put it past the stupid party (the GOP) to totally mess this up.

Besides, after witnessing that last two presidential elections - especially 2012 when everyone knew exactly what we were getting - I don't have much faith in the electorate.

I'll be "wasting my votes" on Libertarians until such time that we are swirling far enough down the crapper that we can elect a majority that honestly want to shrink the size and scope of the federal government.

The one thing in favor of the Repubs is the fact that it is a non-presidential year election. Low voter turnout with typically only the passionate voting. Quite frankly, I can't see much for the leftists to get excited about. I see a good portion of the "I barely care about politics" lefty voters staying home and some of the "independents" switching their votes to the right side.

But heck, what do I know. I thought Romney was a shoe-in.

Just imagine this.. The media that is soooo last century talks up Vernon Parker (otherwise known as a nice guy that nobody remembers 5 minutes later) as the latest and greatest Republican wunder-dude to help him eek out a win against several marginally better Republican candidates before they unleash a barrage of pre-planned articles on how Vernon Parker the Town of Paradise Valley has totally and systematically underfunded their pension liability (this of-course is COMPLETELY without regard to the truthfulness of the assertion [like the media cares..]) after which Sinema walks to another squeaker win because the Republicans would rather loose then replace the current first past the post election system with either a proportional representation, a ranked choice or an approval voting system. Powell Gammill runs again and again spends the entire election season trying to convince voters NOT to vote for him and doubles his 2012 vote to 12.8% (from 2012's 6.4%). All the while Gammill's web site still claims that he is running for AZ CD-2.



So I predict.
Thane Eichenauer

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