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Kyrsten: Pleeeeeze run for "Pastor's seat." And, yes, wait for Gallardo and Wilcox to announce.
Sinema is a lefty but someone the right can work with. Plus she's funny.

This is my pick for worst prognostication of all time. CD7 is 64 percent Latino. Sinema has enough problems with Latinos, and she just turned blue dog, which will make her bullet proof in CD9. No reason to leave CD 9, she's got it sewn up. Most GOP consultants agree with that. Following your advice would be political suicide. Nice try, though.

I wouldn't think any GOP consultants are experts in Dem-dominated districts like this one. In a crowded field, with very low primary turnout, a name that "sounds Latino" plus a warchest in the million plus range, and it's a switch worth her thinking about. Her national relationships as an incumbent, and otherwise, are extraordinary.

Local, internal D politics can be very unpredictable. Ask Terry Goddard what he thinks of Mary Rose Wilcox, or the pro-life Hispanic Democrats in the AZ legislature.

I mentioned Jarrett Maupin here a few weeks back and someone made a joke about it, but saw late today he's actually getting in.

I cannot believe this. I have suffered under Pastor's representation for over 20 years and many times he was unopposed in the election (I even wrote myself in a few times rather than give any endorsement to the self serving mental midget). But even so, when it came time to write my Congressman and Senators, I did at least address him as my sitting congressman, only to receive a postcard stating "My position has not changed" if any response at all. At least John McCain addressed my issues constitutionally and Jon Kyl was cordial and sympathetic (I have not as yet corresponded with Senator Flake). I was hoping, upon hearing Congressman Pator's statement that I would finally have a choice for some real representation, but it seems from this post that MY party has given up on my district and that makes me very disappointed. And yes, if asked by my party, I will run.

On the bright side, at least Pastor's idiot daughter isn't running. At least it's one political dynasty nipped in the bud.

And the good Congressman is leaving a millionaire. Bully for him!


Notice fat Feathered Bastard is silent on this. IOKIYAD.

sure stephen, just like most Dem consultants in the media really care enough to tell republicans how to win. lol

new times still get enough in ads for sex/radios to be in business?

Wendy Rogers is running.

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