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When you begin your story with a bias, you will never get on the right track. Many at the Republic (similarly as do the Democrats to no ones surprise), believe that Republicans are not only wrong but evil for not supporting a host of leftist ideas, including so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform and gay rights, that if the GOP doesn't embrace these radical ideas they will be history. The real story is if the GOP does embrace them (and others) they will be history as will our nation.

It’s pretty easy to explain. When you hear any top Democrat (Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, etc.) discuss a plan aimed at “helping the Republican party”, you can bet it’s a trap. They are not interested in helping Republicans win, nor are the mainstream media, in this case the Arizona Republic. When you hear them say “Republican are doomed in future elections if they don’t support immigration reform”, it’s a lie. I would say the exact opposite is true.

Greg, just noticed you are moderating the home builders forum this week. Really disappointed to not see Frank Riggs on the list. Could he not make it?

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