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Forgive me for borrowing a slogan of the left but this post is a great example of "truth to power."

Doesn't Channel 5 employ a college dropout named Catherine Anaya, who was busted for making shit up last week?

Yes, and a former weatherman (Sean McLaughlin) as its news anchor. Do weathermen have to be accurate in their forecasts? Probably as much as their news divisions are as accurate in their reporting.
That same newscast (Tue) included a report that the Gilbert school district was losing teachers and principals "in droves" through resignations. CBS 5 then reported there were about 90 resignations. At the end of the report it was mentioned that the Chandler school district had 80 resignations. So what's the story? There really wasn't one. CBS 5 got snookered by the teachers union in their continuing attempt to discredit the recently constituted conservative majority on the Gilbert School Board. Speaking of "making s**t up."

I'd forgive you John (Kavanagh) IF your characterization of this member of the state board of education's blog post was actually truth. Alas, it's not.

Stay tuned.

OK, AZEagle, what's GP missing? Ed Munson isn't the incoming chairman of the Phx CofC, or GM of CBS 5? And how dishonest and biased can you get than to ask a left-leaning lobbying group (AEA) to comment on a right-leaning lobbying group (ALEC) and call that responsible journalism?
CBS 5's annual hit piece on ALEC and Republican legislators is growing old. Yet you never see CBS 5 go after the teachers union or any other left-leaning lobbying group. Lobbying is lobbying, apparently except when it's a conservative group--then they are just evil. CBS 5 needs to get a new gig.

"The AEA has much more power in Arizona than ALEC."

Good one, Greg.

Trying to compare the Phoenix Chamber to ALEC is a massive stretch. Your point is an immature debating society trick. Moral equivalence etc. ALEC is a "pay to play" organization in which those who pay more get to set the agenda, control voting rights and power, committee assignments, etc. There is so much more transparency, accountability, and consensus decision making in a Chamber environment (which creates its own problems). So, nice reach.

But the real issue is still accessibility to legislators and the potential of influence. GP's point is that CBS 5's story was a farce and Ed Munson is still CBS 5's GM and the incoming chairman of the Chamber; the Chamber being a lobbying organization as is ALEC.
Nice try, Jack.

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