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The Left's and the Republic's (but I repeat myself) response: Chirp, chirp.

You expect too much from the clowns at the Republic -- intellectual honesty is far above their pay grade.

You must be pretty selective on your news sources. Mass deportations are very well covered in the MSM, the same with extrajudicial killings. I've been following the CIA domestic spying story on liberal and progressive blogs where there's plenty of outrage. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/03/05/rachel-maddow-cia-spying-on-congress-is-death-of-the-republic-stuff/

Yes, Peter, on liberal and progressive blogs--not on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC every night, ad infinitum; not on the front pages of the NY Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post and the LA Times everyday, ad infinitum. There is outrage from the left from the masses, but the MSM is trying to keep a lid on it. Can't hurt BO in the White House, now can we?

Richard, Richard, Richard: EVERYONE believed Hussein had WMDs (probably because he used them against Iran); so spare us the re-writing of history. And it's typical of the left to claim to criticize Obama for some of his policies and actions, but in reality they're just angry that BO is not being enough of a socialist quickly enough. Give it time, Richard, give it time.

Richard, you are confusing the time periods involved. EVERYONE of significance (elected officials, heads of state, the intelligence communities) all agreed that Hussein had WMDs. After the invasion when the UN sent in inspectors (despite Hussein's reluctance to allow them to actually inspect) it was determined that WMDs had either (1) been hidden [buried]; (2) used up; or (3) shipped off to Syria. Indeed, one of Hussein's generals confirmed that #3 was the correct answer. However, the left now swears up and down there never were any WMDs and Bush lied. The left also swears up and down that Gore won the 2000 election, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Go figure.

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