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The "Mormon vote" isn't a story because it doesn't fit the leftist agenda.
BTW: The fastest growing community converting to the LDS Church is Hispanic in the U.S. and abroad. How's that going fit the leftist agenda?

The story says the growing number of Latino voters represents an opportunity for Republicans. And yes, it's true that many Latinos are converting to Mormons. Not sure how that fits into the "leftist agenda," but former Senator Russell Pearce may have an idea.

"The number of eligible Latino voters in Arizona is growing rapidly, and they already have the potential to influence elections"

"Democrats across the nation are angry that Kyrsten Sinema is contemplating switching from her swing District in Central Phoenix to the safe Democratic seat that Ed Pastor is leaving."

If the Dems have the "potential to influence elections" then Sinema doesn't have a chance in D9. No sweat, stop crying, her goose would be cooked.

I guess the word "potential" is the real qualifier.

Oddly enough, when Daniel Gonzalez was caught in several inconsistencies in a previous article, he came here, flung some mud, the disappeared when the facts were overwhelmingly against his side:


Lot of chutzpah for Daniel to return after pulling a Keyser Soze last month.

Exactly, Daniel. Hispanics becoming Mormons messes up the leftist plot line that only the Dems will benefit. Besides, Hispanics are not monolithic (as Mormons or Catholics or whatever). Just because you have so many loudmouth Hispanics who are lefties doesn't mean all Hispanics are lefties.

Interestingly enough, Steve Gallardo decides to come out of the closet today, and he's running in D-7.

Guess Sinema will have to stick with D-9.

No Rob. Sen. Gallardo said his decision to "come out" had NOOOOOTHING to do with his decision too run for Congress.....

Who didn't know Gallardo was gay?

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