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Leibowitz is denying it on Twitter.

If true, it's also against the law. Wonder how the AZ Republic will respond? Perhaps: Move along; nothing to see here. Unions can do what they want. Mods can do what they want, as long as they are competing against Conservatives. We'll go after the Mods when they compete against liberals (see Jerry Lewis, Mod, Mesa).

If Liebowitz is part of the Scott Smith campaign in any way, he can't also be part of an IE and still claim independence. Sorry, doesn't work that way. That violates the definition of "independent."
David has some 'splainin' to do. Or maybe a visit from the SOS and Clean Elections -- how ironic.

Independent Voices Arizona has made one expenditure and it has nothing to do with Scott Smith or Unions.
Sal needs to fact check before he inserts foot in mouth. SOS report
08/08/2014 Advocating Defeat 201400165 - Elect Bolick for Arizona - Primary $5,375.00 http://www.azsos.gov/cfs/PublicReports/2014/619F239D-464D-4879-84D3-639CB0C22606.pdf

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