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If you've already voted for Dewit. You'll need to now get 2 other people to vote for Hallman to fix that mistake. If you've now also figured out the Dewit has done nothing but lie about Hallman for the entire campaign, you might also tell people that Hallman does not support Common Core, Obamacare nor did Hallman raise taxes in Tempe. These lies have been Dewit's whole campaign message. You have 5 days. It's not too late. If you're still supporting Dewit, then you're probably one of the people who stole the Hallman signs used to perpetrate this elaborate lie.

I count 3 perspectives of photos: inside gas station, the guy on the bench by the sidewalk and inside a passing car. That's creepy. They staked out this location when they called it in to report the sign, that's very evident. Sorry we fell for the trap.

Campaign signs are only one aspect of getting a candidate’s name out to the public. Are they really that effective, especially when literally every street corner is flooded with them? I would think television commercials, radio spot, and direct mailers are much more effective. Any campaign worker, let alone the candidate his/herself who would tamper with someone else’s sign is not very smart, it's just not worth it.

With that said, I agree with Mr. Patterson’s analysis of the video in question. He also previously called out Hallman for having a sign stating “Balance Arizona’s Budget”, something that cannot specifically be accomplished by the Treasurer. Does Mr. Hallman think voters are stupid?

With a modest High Definition video camera and a modest editing machine, I can make anyone doing good look really bad -- or vice versa. I don't play that game, but obviously there are those who do.
We need to be really careful when show "evidence" of wrong doing. There are some nasty folks who don't care about the truth--they only care about getting and keeping power.

Brilliant! Usually to get the satisfaction of a "who-done-it" plot twist such as this, I have to watch old Murder She Wrote episodes-- I liked this much more! Bravo.

Joe M.. Im starting to wonder if any of them know what they are running for. I voted for Dewit already, but in his fun new video he says hes running on lower taxes, growing economy and bringing in jobs.. Thats jsut as bad as im running to balance the budget.

This video is one reason to be happy that as a registered Libertarian that choosing which Republican is best isn't a dilemma for me. In November that naturally the problem will occur. I can't wait to see if Democrat Gerard Davis (write-in candidate for State Treasurer) gets enough write-in votes to be printed on the November ballot.
I am sad that deception and video editing has advanced so much that a untruthful point can be made with modern day tools. Oh well, thank goodness there are sharp people with sharp eyes.

Dean, you're absolutely right. I think it is more a case of those running for statewide office having one eye on a potential gubernatorial, congressional, or senate run in the future.

Why are people still mooing over Hallman advocating for balanced budgets? He's running for an office that has everything to do with fiscal policy. He didn't say he would balance the budget - it's a demand - BALANCE THE BUDGET. By the way, he already announced in the paper that he would not seek another office. Can you get any more wrong. Just wondering?

Travis, what other demands does Mr. Hallman want to make that he can’t actually have an impact on? What’s the point? If a candidate states on his campaign sign, “Balance The Budget”, but they don’t have a vote on said budget, what’s the point? It sounds good, sure, but how about focusing on what the job actually entails? A budget can be balanced by tax hikes too. Saying “balance the budget” can mean many different things to many different people.

Joe, Your disingenuous problem with a fiscally responsible message by a candidate running for Treasurer is about as believable as this fake video. You're wrong again.

Travis, it's not disingenuous at all. When I see a candidate for office campaigning on something that they cannot accomplish by virtue of the power and duties of said office, which is truly disingenuous, I have a problem with that.

With that said, if Mr. Hallman emerges victorious from the primary, I will gladly support him in the general, but he does not have my vote in the primary.

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