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If almost anyone other than a reporter for the mainstream media acted in such an egregious manner they would be fired. But keep your eye on Rebekah Sanders, she's a keeper. Probably going to be promoted to editor or to the editorial board.

There's a large difference between a local blog and the state's paper of record, moron.

Hupps Final Alias: Obviously you are fact-challenged yourself. And just for the record, Gov Brewer's comment about finding headless bodies in the desert turned out to be true. She took heat from lefties like you who think they are all-knowing, but, yes, indeed, the mess from south of the border has spilled over to our side and headless bodies were found in our desert. I suggest you do a little more fact checking yourself before you attack anyone. Also, don't confuse opinion with what is supposed to be news report. I know the left doesn't know the difference between the two, but at least give it a try.



Which is one more than your inane comments that were allowed to stand.

Loved "When Reporters Attack..." How about a spinoff -- "Editorialists Gone Wild!"

Hupps' Final Alias: Being in denial is a serious mental affliction. Please get some help.

I'm sure if you're starved for attention, the cultists at Blahrg fer Arizona would take you in.

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