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Gee, a lying reporter. Who would have thought?

Unfortunately, I think the folks at the Republic, even if they read this analysis of their work, are in such deep denial that it would not even register with them that they are doing anything wrong. With such a slim margin it's hard to argue their misleading work didn't have some impact.

And "Open your big fat trap" above makes the argument that he deserved some inaccurate reporting by the Republic because of something he said. Great. The ends justify the means and any candidate the paper does not agree with, is fair game for excusing inaccurate reporting. Is that it?

Nobody, INCLUDING THE CANDIDATE WHO APOLOGIZED FOR SAYING IT, will argue the 99% comment was stupid. We get that part. Greg's point was about a position on an issue was attributed to the candidate, presented as fact, that was completely fabricated by the Republic and you have shuffled that aside and basically said he had it coming to him anyway. Nice way you brought it all back to waterboarding and Bush. Way to stay on point ADHD.

So 1/3 of Republican voters live in a fantasy world, but 4/5ths of Democrats do as well.

Sounds like a threat.

Will she fess up?

Doesn't every reporter strategically misrepresent Republicans?

She's guilty of editorializing when she shouldn't have been, but every reporter would be open to a lawsuit if that were grounds for legal action.

What's ironic is if anything, Kiehne was the weaker candidate so she probably did the GOP a favor.

I'm no Tobin fan, but self-funders that jump in big races with zero electoral experience usually have a terrible track record.

Kirkpatrick should be the one suing.

I agree with Bison. Awful as this 'reporting' was, it probably benefited the Republicans.

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